Welcome to’s Glossary!

Here you can find a collection of terms and jargon that are related to Marijuana and Marijuana Culture!


A number that refers to smoking marijuana. The story associated with the creation of 420 is up for some debate, but the general consensus is that several high school friends used to smoke weed around 4:20pm. They would say 420 as a sort of code word for, “hey let’s smoke after school today.”

It says oil, but upside down.


Access Point
A state authorized location where medical marijuana is bought by patients. Also referred to as a dispensary by many.

The act of collecting trichomes from the cannabis plant by physical contact.

Alcohol extraction
An extraction ****od which uses alcohol as a solvent to process the oils of the cannabis plant. Produces sticky hash oil which can be further processed with vacuum purging, heat, or whipping to create shatter or budder.

Shatter concentrates can go through a process involving heat, which will change the shatter’s consistency to a budder-like concentrate.


After breeding two plants, the offspring is then bred with one of the parent plants. This will ensure less genetic diversity and a more uniform genetic stock.

Passing a solvent through cannabis plant material.

A cigar that has been emptied of tobacco, then re-filled with cannabis.

Blunt wrap
The wrapper from a cigar (see blunt). Wrappers are often sold separately in a variety of flavors.

To hold the weed for too long in a situation where multiple smokers are sharing a single smoking device. Typically done with a joint or blunt.

A water-pipe that combines several elements including a bowl piece, down-stem, and a chamber that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most frequently a straight tube with a rounded bottom. Used to smoke.

Bong water
The water that goes in to a bong. After some usage, this water becomes a horrid smelling beast. Change the bong water before every smoke session.

To make a mistake when in a smoking situation.

Borosilicate Glass
Made with silica and boron oxide. This glass has low thermal expansion, which makes it more resistant to thermal shock compared to production glass.

The piece of a smoking apparatus where the cannabis is load into, then smoked. May also refer to a specific amount of cannabis, usually no more than 0.2grams.

This piece combines the best parts of a bong and pipe, creating an easily portable, water-filtered, smoking device.

A waxy cannabis concentrate that is slightly more malleable than standard wax concentrate. A dab rig must be used to smoke budder. Top shelf quality budder should be upwards of 70% THC.

The flowers of the cannabis plant. Buds are also affectionately refereed to as called nugs, nuggets, herb, and flower.

An employee who dispenses medical marijuana products to patients at a dispensary. They are typically well-acquainted with a variety of strains and can offer valuable recommendations.

A flammable gas that is derived from petroleum and is often used as a solvent for cannabis extractors. Use of butane as a solvent has gone down as demand for safer solvents and solvent-free hash have grown.

Butane Honey Oil (BHO)
Butane is used as a solvent to extract the oils of the cannabis plant. After the butane evaporates off, the resulting oils, refered to as wax or shatter, are sold as BHO.


Canna butter
Made through extracting the oils from the cannabis plant and storing them in the lipids within butter. Canna butter is then used to produce a variety of baked goods and other edibles.

Cannabidiol (CBD)
A molecule present in the cannabis plant. Recently, patients have experienced medical benefits without any psychoactive effects of THC by using strains that have higher percentages of CBD. Most commonly consumed as a topical, tincture, or smoke-able oil.

All the different chemicall compounds within the cannabis plant are referred to as cannabinoids. Some of the most well studied include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

It is typically thought that cannabis refers to all species under the genus. The three subcategories of cannabis include Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Carb cap
Typically made out of glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic. The piece restricts airflow on a dab rig so the concentrates will vaporize.

The moment a bowl becomes finished. Done. Nothing but ash sitting in the bowl.

Street slang for marijuana.

When a bowl of marijuana is smokeable without lighting it. Typically experienced by the second or third person in the smoking rotation.

A genetic copy of the mother plant. A cutting from a plant that is propagated asexually. Certain strains of cannabis are referred to as clone only stains, which means that stable seeds do not yet exist.

Closed-loop extraction
Typically used with butane or propane extraction. The closed-loop means solvent is recycled and reused. This is a safe alternative to open blasting.

CO2 extraction
The process of pressurizing CO2 over 1078 PSI (super critical) to pass through marijuana. The extracted oils are extremely pure.

The process of lighting so****ing on fire and burning it.

The oils that have been extracted from the cannabis plant, through a variety of ****ods. Can include dabs, budder, shatter, errl, honey oil, BHO, PHO, RSO, and more.

Concentrate Slurry
Concentrate that has not yet been fully purged or allowed to evaporate. High ppm of solvent still remains in the concentrate slurry.

A fat joint that starts skinny and gets wider as it increases in length.

Movement due to the tendency of hotter, and therefore less dense, material to rise, which results in transfer of heat.

Cotton mouth
The feeling after smoking when one’s mouth is extremely dry, to the point where it feels like one has cotton stuffed in their mouth.

To breed two cannabis plants together. The process of breeding the plants is also referred to creating a cross, or crossing. A cross between California Sour and Lost Coast OG resulted in the strain Lemon Diesel.

The trichomes of the plant are often called crystals because of the way they reflect light and produce a shine across a nugget. Kief is made entirely of THC crystals.

A instrumental process for producing the best flower. Occurs just after the drying process and allows the cultivator to slowly lower the water content of their harvest. The slow cure results in a flavorful smoke that is sure to impress.


Approximately one dose of concentrate. Although, with social media, users have began dabbing massive amounts of concentrate at one time to show off their lung skills.

Dab mat
A mat used to safely store concentrate and dabbing tools during a session.

A long, skinny, often pointy, tool used to place a dab on to one’s dab rig.

The process of consuming dabs.

A word used to describe so****ing that is of impeccable quality. It means extremely potent when describing cannabis.

The low temperature heating process used to activate cannabis prior to cooking with it.

The process of removing residual lipids and waxes from concentrates, which results in a purer product.

A specific type of cannabis that has been crossed with many other popular varietys. Diesel is a sativa dominant variety with an easily recognizable smell.

A tube within a waterpipe, or bong, that increases bubbles and airflow, resulting in a better smoking experience for the user.

Directional airflow
The ****od of turning/rotating the carb cap while taking a dab to increase the process of convection.

Directional flow
To fold parchment paper in a specific way to direct the oozing concentrate from a rosin press into a single area.

A legal cannabis store.

Ditch weed
Generally thought to be the descendants of industrial hemp plants grown for their fiber, these plants contain close to 0% THC. The DEA says it is “wild, scattered marijuana plants with no evidence of planting, fertilizing, or tending.”

A glass dome that covers the nail of a dab rig to capure all the vaporized material for inhalation.

Domeless nail
A tool that is a combination between a usual dome and a nail. These are also made of glass and typically have a hole in the middle for smoke/vapor to pass through.

Slang for a joint (i.e. joint, cannabis cigarette, etc.)

The long piece of glass that connects the bowlpiece to the main chamber of a bong/waterpipe. It carries smoke below the water in a bong, where it bubbles up through the water and is inhaled by the user.

Dry sift
Hash that is produced by shaking plant material over a variety of increasingly fine screens in order to collect trichomes.

A carved wooden box that holds a one-hitter and a pre-ground bowl of weed. Prior to the advent of modern vaporizers these were prized for their discreteness and mobility.


An electronic nail used by dabbers. Enails give digital temperature control to the user who is able to consistently create the same flavor savoring conditions.

Typically smaller than a traditional dab rig, the e-rig uses a battery and e-nail to produce heat, rather than a blowtorch.

Slang for hash oil or wax. A type of concentrate with high levels of THC. The volume and body present in earwax is a product of whipping the concentrate during production.

Food, snacks, candy, or any other cannabis-infused product intended to be consumed orally.

3.5 grams, 1/8 of an ounce of marijuana

Slang for indoor grown marijuana, which is of higher quality.

From the Lord of The Rings, the giant tree-like creatures. There is a subreddit called /r/trees, known as “the home of the ents”.

A slang term for butane hash oil, or BHO.

Ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent for the extraction of cannabis oil.

Refers to any kind of cannabis oil that has been extracted from the cannabis plant and concentrated.

Extraction artist
A person who is an expert at performing cannabis oil extraction.


Slang term for a large joint, blunt, or bowl.

Typically refers to cannabis seeds that have been bred to produce female plants, which produce the prized buds you love.

The best of the best, when referring to cannabis buds or concentrates.

The buds of the cannabis plant are increasingly being referred to as flower.

Flowering stage
The stage of plant growth where buds grow. This is triggered by decreasing the amount of daylight a plant is exposed to. Outdoor growers in California can expect the flowering stage to begin around late July to early August. Indoor growers simply “flip” their lighting schedule to 12 hours of light, followed by 12 hours of darkness in order to replicate the natural flowering conditions.

Flowering time
The amount of time, usually measured in weeks and days, for a cannabis plant’s flowers to fully mature and become ready for harvest.

Fresh frozen
Cannabis plant material that is frozen immediately after harvest. This process seals in the terpenes and flavor.

Full melt clear dome (FMCD)
The best solvent-free hash, which bubbles with the application of heat.


Slang term for cannabis buds/flowers. The word has it’s origins in the Hindu, Sanskrit, and Urdu languages.

The process of introducing moisture to a cannabis seed in order to initiate the vegetative growth cycle. Typically done by folding a moist paper towel, placing the seeds inside, re-folding the paper towl, then placing everything within a sealed container to hold in moisture. Also referred to as germing, germed, or germ.

The most used medium for producing a smoking apparatus. Glass shops sell waterpipes, pieces, pipes, bubblers, and rigs. Depending on the artistic qualities of the piece, it can range from several dollars to over $10,000 for the most intricate designs.

Green out
Similar to a black-out from ingesting too much alcohol, a green-out is typically caused by extremely potent edibles or dabs. This is very rare among experienced smokers because they understand their tolerance levels. A cannabis user will usually fall asleep before experiencing any of the uncomfortable feelings associated with green-out.

A circular device with multiple chambers for shredding cannabis, collecting the shredded cannabis, and another chamber for collecting the kief that falls off of ground nugs.


Typically refers to a half ounce of cannabis, 14 grams. May also refer to a half pound of cannabis, 226.8 grams.

Hand-made bubble hash. The ice and cannabis gently stirred with a large spoon or paddle.

A ****od of purging that is produced by hand stirring, or whisking, the concentrate.

Typically refers to solvent-free concentrates produced through water extraction, ice extraction, or physical agitation. Hash oil ususally refers to solvent-based extraction.

A tropical, stimulating, sativa variety of cannabis. The plant has origins in tropical Mexico, Columbia, and even some places in South East Asia.

Heady glass
Refers to high quality, intricately designed, glass smoking pieces. Produced by artists and experienced glassblowers.

Heat cleaning
Applying an excessive amount of heat to a dirty nail/banger to clean off leftover dab residue.

Native to certain geographies and with a minimal amount of genetic diversity. Also referred to as landrace strains in the cannabis community.

A variety of cannabis that contains only a negligible amount of cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabidol. Hemp does not produce a “high,” but is instead used to produce fiber material for countless products. Hemp production is federally prohibited in the United States.

High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE)
Produced through hydrocarbon solvent extraction ****ods that prioritize the preservation of cannabinoids.

High-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE)
Produced through hydrocarbon solvent extraction ****ods that prioritize the preservation of terpenes.

Describes a subcategory of cannabis that combines elements of an indica and a sativa strain.

Hydrocarbon extractions
An extraction process that uses hydrocarbons like pentane, hexane, propane, or butane.

A soilless ****od of growing cannabis. This ****od offers more control over growing conditions, which can result in the fastest growing ****od for experienced growers. A mix of water and nutrients are directly applied to the roots of a cannabis plant in this ****od.


Ice wax
Refers to high quality water extraction concentrates. It has the appearance of sand and the meltiest properties of any hash.

A variety of cannabis that is classified by shorter height and flowering time. Indica leaves are also fatter than sativa leaves. The effects of indica are typically somewhat sedative and extremely relaxing. Great for pain relief, insomnia, or appetite.

Isopropyl Extraction (QWISO)
A ****od of alcohol extraction with isopropyl. Quick Wash Isopropyl hash is produced through a brief soaking of plant material, draining the liquid into a dish, and allowing the isopropyl to evaporate. The remaining oil is refered to as QWISO hash.


Jelly hash
A very potent mixture of water extraction hash and solvent extraction hash oil.

Joint (cone, doobie)
Cannabis that has been broken down and rolled up with rolling papers.

Joint (glass)
The section where a bong or dab rig connects to the bowl. May also refer to a downstem. Industry standards are eighter 18mm, 14mm, or 10mm.


Looks somewhat like sand, but is made up of the unadulterated crystals/trichomes of the cannabis plant.

Slang for very potent cannabis buds.

A variety of cannabis originating in the Afghanistan/Pakistan mountainous region, referred to as Hindu Kush. Many kush hybrids have been created using the original landrace strain.


An original, native variety of cannabis.

Licensed Facility
A legal production, extraction, or dispensary establishment operating in accordance with state and local laws.

Live resin
Uses fresh frozen plant material in a closed-loop extraction. This creates a terpene profile more similar to a live plant, rather than dried buds.

Low-temp dab
A dab taken at a low temperature to create a more flavorful experience.


Refers to the dried buds of cannabis.

Marijuana infused products (MIP)
Usually refers to an edible product that contains cannabis butter or oil.

Mary Jane
A slang term for marijuana.

Marijuana grown and sold for medicinal use. Used by patients to relieve negative symptoms associated with their conditions.

The process of becoming inebriated from medical marijuana.

Micron grade
Refers to the screen size of a micron bag which is used to collect trichomes when making bubble hash. Some of the most used micron grades are 73u, 90u, and 140u.

Micron screen
A very fine screen used to collect trichomes when making bubble hash.

A slang term for marijuana. Typically used in spanish speaking areas.

A cannabis plant that is saved in order produce future generations of clones.


The piece of a dab rig which is heated, then used to vaporize the dab.

Nug run
The most potent variety of hash or oil because it is produced entirely with the buds or nugs of the cannabis plant rather than including trim.


A kush variety of cannabis with the most distinct lemon smell. Cannabis connoiseurs believe OG originated either in Florida as Triangle Kush or Southern California as Ocean Grown Kush.

Refers to hash oil.

One hitter
A small pipe only capable of holding one bowl at a time. Sometimes referred to as a sneak-a-toke.

Open blasting
Using a metal or glass tube filled with plant matter, then passing a solvent through the tube without any recycling of solvent.

28 grams. Also referred to as a zip.


A non stick paper used for storing hash oil.

Pelican Case
A heavy duty carrying case for expensive and fragile bongs or dab rigs.

An extra water chamber, typically in the long “neck” area of a bong. However, a percolator can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

The physical expression of a set of genes. Growers search for desirable characteristics/phenotypes from a particular strain of a cannabis in order to maintain and expand on preferred qualities.

A very tiny joint or cannabis cigarette. About the same width as a toothpick.

The orange or sometimes red hairs on a dried cannabis bud. The hairs start white or pink and slowly revert to their final color. They are only found on female flowers because they aid in the fertilization process.

Parts per million. Typically referring to the amount of residual solvent present in a concentrate.

A joint that has previously been rolled either by hand or machine for the purpose of being sold as a joint.

A term used to refer to cannabis flower that will be used to make oil. Before the plant material is processed it is referred to as pre-run.

Pressed hash
Made by compressing and adding heat to a collection of trichomes. It is typical for countries like Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan and India to produce this kind of hash in order to maintain a longer shelf-life.

Production glass
Low quality glass. Functions well, but has less prestige associated with it and less artistic qualities.

A solvent used in the production of PHO. The consensus is that propane produces better quality extracts compared to butane.

Pull ‘n snap
A type of concentrate that has a consistency between oil and shatter. Favored by dabbers for its maleable qualities while still holding together on a dab tool.

The act of removing solvent residue that may be present in the concentrate.

A slang term referring to any kind of purple cannabis. Contrary to popular belief, purple cannabis alone is not any danker than green cannabis. The purple color is actually anthocyanins responding to temperature, pH, and air flow.


Q-Tip Tech
The act of cleaning a dab rig and nail with a q-tip immediately after taking a dab to maintain a perfectly clean dabbing experience.

A quarter pound of cannabis flower.

Typically refers to a quarter ounce, 7 grams. Depending on the context it may also refer to a quarter pound, 227 grams.

Quartz banger
A circular dish attached to a dab rig capable of withstanding high temperatures. This is heated to an extremely high temperature and used to vaporize the concentrate.


Typically associated with black market dealers purchasing more product.

The residue present inside of a dab rig which can be collected and recycled like resin. As one might expect, reclaim is not as potent as the original concentrate.

The non-medical use of cannabis by adults 21 years or older in states where the act has been legalized. Colorado dispensaries usually fit into a category of medical, recreational, or both.

An older slang term for cannabis. Popularized by the cult classic “Reefer Madness” which aired in the 1920’s.

Reggie, regular, bottom-shelf. This is the opposite of dank.

Residual solvent
Any solvent that remains in the extracted concentrate. The FDA regulates the amount of residual solvent in **************s.

The black tar-like substance that collects within a smoking device. Resin must be cleaned from a piece to keep it functioning properly and to avoid clogs.

A glass water-pipe used to consume concentrates. Also called dab rigs or oil rigs by some.

The small leftovers of a joint. This tiny piece of the joint gets too hot to continue smoking when a filter or crutch is not present.

Roach Clip
A small, metal clip used to hold a burning roach. This enables the smoker to enjoy the entire joint, including the roach.

Rotary evaporator
A machine used to recover evaporating ethyl alcohol at the end of the ethanol-extraction process.

This variety of cannabis is relatively unknown to the average cannabis user. Some of the prized qualities of ruderalis are its’ short size and the propensity to autoflower after a period of time, rather than photoperiod.


A very fluid variety of hash oil.

A tall, thin leafed, cannabis variety with a long flowering period. This variety produces creative cerebral effects not expereience with indicas.

This is below bottom-shelf quality. Trichomes are sparse or not present. The smell is hardly recognizable as cannabis. Avoid schwag whenever possible. Also referred to as the snicklefritz.

The process of preparing a nail/banger for better flavor.

Seed-to-sale concentrates
Concentrates produced by vertically integrated producers. One company grows the cannabis, processes it, performs the extraction, and finally sells the concentrate.

A young cannabis plant that was grown from seed.

Cannabis that contains no seeds, or semillas in spanish. The name comes from the spanish word for “without seed.” In order to grow sensimilla one would need to remove all hermie and male plants to ensure no reproduction occurs.

A smoking session. A few friends coming together to hang out and smoke a couple grams of cannabis would be considered a sesh.

A concentrate with solid and rigid properties. If one were to hit a slab of shatter with a small hammer, then it would shatter into pieces, hence the name. It has the consistency of hard candy, while being somewhat maleable.

The act of transferring smoke from the mouth of one person to another. This is rare to see.

A potent cannabis strain with the smell of a skunk. This strain is mostly sativa and present in many crosses.

A large piece of cannabis oil. The oil flattens out on a piece of parchment paper, where it takes on the slab form.

A liquid used to dissolve so****ing into a solution. Solvents can be used to extract THC from cannabis flowers.

Solvent recovery
Recycling solvent by collecting it in liquid form or as it evaporates.

A type of concentrate that was originally extracted using a hydrocarbon ****od, but contains 0 ppm of residual solvent.

Solventless wax
Originating in Colorado, this is the highest quality water hash with a similar look to solvent-based concentrates.

A mixture of cannabis and tobacco rolled into a cone using rolling papers like zig zags.

A term used to describe someone who smokes more cannabis than the average smoker. They can smoke any time, any day, any place.

A specific type of cannabis with a unique genetic background.

Supercritical extractions
Heating and pressurizing a substance beyond its critical point in order to create a solvent, which is used to extract the oils of the cannabis plant. Further solvent-based extraction is necesarry to dewax the concentrate.


A molecule found within the oils of a variety of plants including citrus, conifers, and cannabis. These compounds can explain the different smells and tastes one experiences from a variety of different strains.

Terpene Distillation
A relatively new practice extracting terpenes from the cannabis plant using molecular distillation.

Also called tetrahydrocannabinol by chemists and some weed snobs. This is a widely recognized cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. It is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

A liquid form of cannabis usually made with alcohol or glycerin. One can consume a tincture by using a small suction dropper to place several drops underneath their tongue. The high associated with tinctures is compareable to an edible with the delayed onset.

Cannabis infused products used on the skin, externally. Typically used to treat skin issues, pain, and inflammation. It has the appearance of lotion and it does not usually produce a high.

A device used to heat up a dab rig nail or banger.

The glandular, mushroom-shaped, shiny, structures coating the cannabis plant. These structures contain the marjority of the plant’s cannabinoids. Concentrates and hash are made almost entirely from trichomes.

Cannabis plants are typically removed of all leaves prior to the actual trimming process. Trim refers to the small leaves that are removed from the bud areas. It can be used to produce a trim-run of concentrate or even used to create edibles.

Trim run
A ****od of extraction which only uses trim to produce concentrates. As you can imagine this is not as potent as nug-run concentrates. However, it still creates great product.



Vacuum Purge
Using a vaccum oven to remove residual solvent from a concentrate. The solvent evaporates more quickly while the heat sensitive terpenes are preserved.

Vape pen
A handheld vaporizer. This is one of the most discrete ****ods of consuming cannabis because there is relatively no smell associated with it.

Instead of combustion, this ****od heats cannabis oils to the point where they vaporize and can be inhaled. Vape pens have become the go-to ****od for vaporizing. It is generally accepted that vaporizing is a healthy alternative to smoking.

Any device which instead of combusting cannabis oils, vaporizes the oils.

Vegetative stage
The cannabis plant’s growth phase before flowers set. Outdoor growers are dependant on long days (over 12 hours of sunlight) for the vegetative growth phase. This is due to the plant’s photoperiod. Indoor growers usually set their lights to be on for 24 hours straight during the vegetative phase. The vegetative phase lasts as long as the conditions allow it. However, most growers use 2-5 weeks of vegetative growth before switching to flower.


Washing machine
A machine used to produce water hash or bubble hash.

Water hash
This refers to hash produced using a mixture of ice water, micro screens, and patience. The end product is made entirely of THC trichomes.

A type of solvent-extracted cannabis concentrate. It can be crumbled on top of a bowl and smoked or dabbed on a rig.

Waxes and lipid fats
Natural substances within plants. These are removed through the dewaxing process when producing shatter concentrates.

Yet another slang term for cannabis. Maybe the most frequently used one.

Whole plant
A phrase used to explain the material one is extracting from. Whole plant typically refers to freshly frozen material with the most available terpenes.




Approximately one ounce of cannabis. An ounce of cannabis should just about fill a regular ziploc sandwich bag.