Statement Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions January 4, 2018

Statement Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions

I have spoken to our legal advisers as well as other leaders in the Cannabis Industry and we are united in our decision to call for the immediate resignation and removal of Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States of America. His actions today have shown that he has complete disregard for public and majority opinion and his agenda and policies is not shared by a majority of Americans when it comes to legal cannabis in the United States.

To all elected officials at all levels, when it comes time to vote anyone that shares Mr. Sessions opinions and agendas when it comes to the legal cannabis community can expect to receive no votes from any member of the cannabis industry or the cannabis community.



Brad McLaughlin
Cannabis Patient and CEO

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By Sativa Von Teese | Click Here For The Original Article

A new survey of over 150 current and former NFL players conducted by reveals a major disconnect between the league and it’s athletes surrounding drug use.

According to this latest data, 91 percent of the players surveyed said they had taken opiate-based painkillers, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and propoxyphene for pain—with 45 percent admitting to feeling pressured into using these drugs by team doctors, staff and teammates.

NFL Player Survey

Considering the current opioid epidemic ravaging America, along with marijuana’s accepted medical benefits for pain relief and conditions stemming from head trauma, allowing NFL players to use MMJ seems like it should be a no-brainer. Not for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Last week, Goodell went on ESPN’s sports talk show Mike & Mike to reaffirm his adamant opposition to removing pot from the NFL’s list of banned substances.

“I think you still have to look at a lot of aspects of marijuana use,” Goodell said. “Is it something that can be negative to the health of our players? Listen, you’re ingesting smoke, so that’s not usually a very positive thing that people would say. It does have addictive nature. There are a lot of compounds in marijuana that may not be healthy for the players long-term. All of those things have to be considered.”

According to federal health officials, more than 91 people die every day from opioid abuse, and 68 percent of the NFL players surveyed confessed that they reached a point where they were concerned about their painkiller use.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.26.44 PM

And with public outcry from current and former players at an all-time high, there’s no doubt that most athletes in the league would like the option to medicate with medical marijuana, which has never killed a single person and has been scientifically proven to help treat pain.

Over 89 percent of those polled said they believe that medical marijuana could be effectively used to treat pain, with nearly 88 percent saying they would consider using MMJ if it was an accepted treatment method in the NFL.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.28.09 PM

“If there’s one sport that should legalize medical cannabis, its professional football,” former NFL player and Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington explained to “The unique compounds found in marijuana (CBD especially) can protect the brain as well as treat inflammation, insomnia and pain. CBD/medical cannabis is a terrific alternative to prescription opiates.”

According to CEO Brad McLaughlin, he was inspired to do this survey after speaking with a current NFL player about the problems with chemical painkillers currently plaguing his teammates and the league at large.

“These guys are national heroes, yet they are being given harmful and addictive substances by league doctors so that they can have a good day on the field,” McLaughlin said in a press release. “The saddest thing is that there’s a better alternative—but the league is senselessly dragging their feet on allowing medical marijuana for therapeutic use for players. It’s causing a lot of harm, and a lot of players are really unhappy with the state of things. Our survey shows that.”

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Medical Marijuana Marketplace Sets a New Tone for 4/20 With Their BudTrader Ball May 5, 2017

The BudTrader Ball is a Classy, Red Carpet Event That Aims to Become “The Academy Awards of Weed”

By rfdtv | Click Here For The Original Article

The nation’s largest online medical marijuana marketplace,, will be throwing a formal gala in their home base city of Encinitas, CA on Thursday to celebrate 4/20, a traditional holiday for weed smokers worldwide. With their first annual invite-only BudTrader Ball, the company seeks to set a new stereotype for the legal weed industry by celebrating April 20th in a high style. The BudTrader Ball will be held at SHELTER, a popular, upscale club in the trendy, beach-adjacent downtown area of Encinitas.

“People at Cannabis trade shows and online kept asking ‘What is BudTrader going to do for 4/20?’ We knew we had to do something awesome and we wanted to do something different,” said CEO Brad McLaughlin. “We finally came up with the idea to have a classy, red carpet event, with a strict dress code and invite leaders in the marijuana industry, influential members of society and entertainment as well as politicians. The way we kept describing the event internally was ‘The Academy Awards for Weed’, that was kind of the vibe we were going for.”

As part of their effort to put a new, more mature face on the legal weed industry, BudTrader has sent official letters of invitation to high ranking politicians such as President Trump and California Governor Jerry Brown. In fact, McLaughlin says, “Governor Brown’s office has been actively corresponding with him regarding a possible appearance at the BudTrader Ball. The Governor’s office wanted more information on the event, the guests, the environment etc. I pushed very hard for him to attend, and I think I made a great pitch as to why he should be there. As of today, he hasn’t said yes, but he also hasn’t said no. My gut tells me he’s going to come. I think he wants to come to show his support to the legal marijuana industry.”

In addition to potential Jerry Brown sightings at SHELTER in Encinitas, other VIP guests who are slated to attend the BudTrader Ball include Doug Leighton, a huge participant in the cannabis industry, whose success include MassRoots and American Cannabis, several venture capitalists and hedge fund managers who will be flying in from all over the U.S. and Canada, as well as many other leaders in the cannabis industry, including dispensary owners and medical marijuana doctors. Over 40 different media outlets will be in attendance. Influential members of society including MMA athletes, current and former NFL athletes, Olympic Athletes will all be attending, along with stars and producers from a currently filming reality TV show, and new hip-hop sensation Slim 400.

As for what else the 250 attendees of the BudTrader Ball can expect, McLaughlin says, “We do have a few surprises and tricks up our sleeve for this event. We will be airing a sneak peak of BudTrader’s first TV commercial. There will be a ‘special guest’ musical performance, a major politician will be calling in on a video Skype call as well. Those are the only hints we’re giving out at this time Come and see what happens. I can tell you that people are going to be blown away, that’s the whole idea!”

As a brand, is no stranger to making a scene. Most recently, they deployed a team of supermodels to the convention hall floor at the Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego to give away over 10,000 free blunts to attendees – Calling the flash mob-style event ‘Blunts & Babes’. has over 600,000 registered users and gets 6,000,000 visitors a month, making it the largest medical marijuana marketplace in the world.

More information about the BudTrader Ball can be found on the official event website:

The event begins at 8 p.m. and goes to 1 a.m. at Shelter Night Club located at:

540 South Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

The dress code is “dress to impress” and will be strictly enforced. There will be appetizers, open bar, networking and dancing. All attendees will leave with a complimentary swag bag filled with marijuana goodies.

910 total views, 0 today CEO Brad McLaughlin Invites Governor Jerry Brown to Annual 420 Ball May 5, 2017

By Yahoo | Click Here For The Original Article

Governor Jerry Brown may have to clear his schedule on April 20th… CEO Brad McLaughlin has posted an official invite to the BudTrader Ball on 4/20, along with an impassioned statement, to the governor’s Facebook Timeline this morning, in what appears to be an effort to bridge the chasm that has previously existed between the Medical Marijuana Industry and those at the highest levels of government. McLaughlin a de facto spokesman for the Legal Marijuana Community in California in recent months, and his site,, and it’s 600,000 registered users is the largest medical marijuana platform in the United States.

In the Facebook post, which has already been shared hundreds of times by amused onlookers on social media, McLaughlin invites Governor Brown to attend’s annual invite-only 420 gala – the BudTrader Ball, taking place April 20thin San Diego County in Encinitas – as the guest of honor. “The rest of the Country is watching and looking for California to be a leader in the Marijuana industry,” wrote McLaughlin in his message, sent from his personal account, to Governor Brown. “I feel that it’s important to appear together at the BudTrader ball, United, the California Governor and the Legal Marijuana Community.”

While some would consider the Governor’s attendance at a pro-Marijuana Industry event to be controversial, McLaughlin does not see it that way. “I think it would be more controversial if Governor Brown chose not to show solidarity with the Legal Marijuana Community at this time. The voters of California have spoken – We are ready to move ahead and the industry is growing exponentially and will continue to grow.” McLaughlin is referring to Proposition 64, passed by California voters in November, which legalizes marijuana for persons ages 21 years or older under state law and establishes taxes on both sales and cultivation. “California is the sixth largest economy in the world, but our state is $456 billion in debt. We’ve seen the tax benefits in Colorado – Marijuana legalization in that state brought in over $2.4 billion into the state’s economy after just six months. We need the funds for our crumbling infrastructure and our schools. California CAN NOT afford not to embrace Marijuana Legalization. Governor Brown is a very intelligent business man who I happen to admire very much, and I really hope he will join us at the BudTrader Ball to prove he is ready to Stand United with leaders in the Marijuana Industry.”

San Diego, California based site is a brand that knows how to generate buzz. Most recently, they deployed a team of supermodels to the convention hall floor at the Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego to give away over 10,000 joints to attendees – Calling the flash mob-style event “Blunts & Babes”.  Given the brand’s rather provocative publicity strategies, some on social media wonder whether this invite to the governor is for real. McLaughlin assures us that it is. “This is a real invitation and I absolutely meant every word of my message to Governor Brown. I am sincerely hoping that he will accept, our partners at Jet Blue are willing to fly the Governor and his team from Sacramento to San Diego, SD Limo Services have agreed to dispatch two stretch limousines to meet Governor Brown and his team at the airport and bring them to the BudTrader Ball. The governor will not be the only VIP at the BudTrader Ball – but we will definitely pull out all the stops for him!”

When we contacted Governor Brown’s office they seemed generally amused and curious by the invitation, but would not offer an official comment on whether the Governor planned to attend the BudTrader Ball.

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Marijuana Enthusiasts Celebrate ‘420’ at Invite-Only Party in Encinitas May 5, 2017

In San Diego County, hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated the day at an invite-only A-list party.

By Dave Summers | Click Here For The Original Article

April 20 is known by several names by marijuana lovers and advocates–“Weed Day” and “4/20” among them.

In San Diego County, hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated the day at an invite-only A-list party.

The creators of a website called Budtrader hosted the party at Shelter Night Club in Encinitas. Among the 200 plus guests were the owners, entrepreneurs, and investors in Southern California’s cannabis industry.

The November vote that legalized recreational marijuana in the state created the “green rush.” Ever since, those wanting a piece of the business have been clamoring for footing on the ground floor.

One of those making a real name for him is former Encinitas software company owner Brad McLaughlin.

McLaughlin bought and in a matter of months grew the registered membership from 60,000 to over 600,000.

The website connects business owners in the cannabis industry so they can share everything from products to corporate structure.

McLaughlin made headlines last week after he invited Governor Jerry Brown to this event.

Although Governor Brown didn’t commit, McLaughlin said his presence would give confidence to investors in California’s cannabis industry.

“All the other leaders in the marijuana industry will be here tonight. His presence just says ‘I stand with you guys. I support you. It’s going to be great for the state, you have nothing to worry about and if push comes to shove, I have your back’,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin told NBC 7, a two-time gold medal winning Olympian, a former NFL player and one NFL current player did attend the party.

Even though its a “Weed Day” celebration, there is no marijuana use allowed on the premises.

Recreational use regulations and licensing are still being worked out in Sacramento.


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Help Wanted: Pot-Smoking Partier to Oversee Supermodels (and Marijuana Marketing) May 5, 2017

By Ken Stone | Click Here For The Original Article 

Most employers bar drug-takers. But an Encinitas company’s help-wanted ad on Craigslist insists that applicants be “420 friendly” — at ease with marijuana use.

“If you don’t test positive for marijuana, it will be strange and interesting,” says the ad for a promotional marketing manager with, which calls itself the largest online medical marijuana marketplace. “But medical marijuana use is not a requirement.”

Pay isn’t bad for someone who needs only a high school diploma or GED: “$60,000 base [a year], plus bonuses, commissions and unlimited ‘samples’ of various marijuana/CBD/hemp-related products.”

Others perks: You get to “oversee [a] bevy of supermodel promo girls at upcoming events” and you get a free gym membership with a haircut and styling by a “top stylist.”

“We need our employees feeling good and looking sharp!” the ad says. CEO Brad McLaughlin said: “We need somebody who can manage models and promotions but also knows how to party. But they have to know the difference between partying in their personal life, and partying as a job. We need somebody that knows how to party professionally as a career.”

McLaughlin says he’s looking for someone who is a hard-working, hustling multitasker “who knows how to have fun but is also ready to put in work.”

The Craigslist ad, posted Tuesday, adds: “If you have had police contact in the past, and the story is funny, please tell us. If you made a mistake but you have a good explanation, please disclose. If you did something super shady or violent, that may disqualify you.”

Earlier this month, BudTrader launched a flashmob-style promo at the California Cannabis Business Expo called “Blunts & Babes,” where “supermodels” gave away 10,000 pre-rolled joints and hugs to expo attendees.

“The reaction to our Blunts & Babes event was even bigger than we expected,” McLaughlin said in a news release. “We know we had to hire someone super competent to make sure the models’ interactions with BudTrader fans go smoothly and to make sure everyone has an awesome time.”

According to McLaughlin, his website site averages 5 million monthly visitors and has over 500,000 registered users.

The company plans to open up a “Google-style campus” in San Diego, and wants to attract the best and the brightest minds to help them cash in on what McLaughlin calls “the green rush.”

“Google was voted the best company to work for in 2016,” he said. “In 2017, it’s going to be Google, we’re coming for your title this year!”

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10,000 Free Joints Will be Given Away at the California Cannabis Business Expo May 5, 2017

Those who are attending the California Cannabis Business Expo will have the chance to receive the gift of one of 10,000 complimentary pre-rolled joints. announced that the company will host a ‘Blunts & Babes’ giveaway at the 3rd annual California Cannabis Business Expo. The event is currently being held March 5-8 in San Diego at the Sheraton Marina Hotel.

The expo’s featured speakers will include Keith Stroup of NORML, Dr. Sue Sisley, U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Aunt Zelda’s co-founder, Mara Gordon. The expo will offer a variety of workshops including licensing, compliance, concentrates and cultivation. The event has shifted from its beginnings in Denver, to the second year in San Francisco. This year will be the expo’s first event in San Diego and will be supplying the freebies. The classified ad site connects medical cannabis users and businesses. Users can post add for their products and services in the 28 states and Washington D.C. where medical cannabis is legal.

Those at hope to lighten the mood at this week’s event. “There has been a lot of negativity in American politics lately, especially towards medicinal marijuana, and we at are all about positive energy,” CEO Brad McLaughlin said in a press release. “I asked myself ‘What would Jesus do?’ and that is when the idea for Blunts & Babes first came to me. It’s impossible to be angry when you are smoking a joint and hugging a supermodel. This idea could change the world! Imagine if peace talks in the Middle East were moderated by supermodels giving out blunts, we would have peace in no time.”

Joint giveaways is becoming a popular trend. On Inauguration Day, the D.C. Cannabis Coalition says it handed out 4,200 joints at Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. Other dispensaries, such as Colorado-based dispensary, The Pothole, have given out free joints as an incentive to help the community as well.

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  • Statement Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    by on January 4, 2018 - 7 Comments

    Statement Regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions I have spoken to our legal advisers as well as other leaders in the Cannabis Industry and we are united in our decision to call for the immediate resignation and removal of Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States of America. His actions today have shown […]