Raider: Episode 2

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Raider: Episode 2

Episode 2 in the Raider series; there’ll be five in total.nThe games are meant to be difficult platformers reminiscent of the NES/SNES days, with graphics to suit that. You don’t have loads of fancy overpowered abilities; just a simple blaster and a sword. Can you reach the end of the level?nThis carries on the story from episode 1.n A is jump, nS is slash, nD is shoot, nUP is used for ladders, signs and doors (which is why it’s not jump!), nThe other arrow keys are used for movement, nand SPACE pauses. nUse Z to back out of menus and things if you can see no other way to do so.nThe controls may be atypical, but they are designed to be streamlined. If you take a few moments to get used to them, you will find that they are easier to use than the more ‘standard’ Flash platformer control schemes.nAlso, if you STILL don’t like them, PLEASE do not rate the game down for this, because you can CHANGE the controls from the ‘Game Info’ section on the Main Menu.n


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