And So the Game Has Gone (Ep. 01)

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And So the Game Has Gone (Ep. 01)

When the game prompts for the A button to be pressed on the Xbox 360 controller and your using keyboard press [space] instead.[Arrow keys]/[Left Analog Stick] controls FEOs movement.[Shift]/[Left Shoulder] makes FEO move faster.[Z]/[Right Shoulder] makes FEO jump.[X]+[Arrow Keys] shoots a raimbro in the direction pressed.Or [Right Analog Stick] shoots a raimbro in the direction pressed.Holding the [Z]/[Right Shoulder] makes FEO bounce. You can bounce on top of YOUFOs or SNAKEYs to send them to transcendental bliss.When a YOUFO disappears it releases a purple jump gem. Collect the purple gems to fly. You can hold 10 gems at a time. Pressing jump when in the air will use a gem and perform a double jump. You can use the jump as many times as you have gems.Use raimbro platforms to refill your raimbros. You can carry up to 100 raimbros when full. Use them wisely, leftover raimbros count as a bonus at the end of each level.


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